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Those Concerns

The idea

As the internet becomes more popular and the qualities of our lives becomes better, we are now paying an increasing attention to the food we eat. Everyone wants to have a healthier diet, but, including me, most of us lack a systematic cognition about nutrition and the science of food. Therefore, we often possess a fear of “something is unhealthy”, especially when we don’t know the fact about them.

In this section, I am going to gather people’ s common concerns and misunderstanding about the facts of food. I hope this can give us a more scientific perspective about the food industry and give us more confidence when choosing them.

Now here are the common concern. If you have any other concerns about your daily diet or anything about food, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your voice can really help us to build a healthier food community.

Canned food and food preservatives: what types of food contain food preservatives? Any other ways to store food longer?

Food additives: are they all devils?
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