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Chi Gao (Coach)


Hi dear viewer! I am Chi, a passionate high school student who studies in Beijing National Day School. I am a chemistry student, and actually my interest in chemistry is originated at the time when I first tried to read the ingredient list of my lay’s potato chips. Possessing a strong interest in the science of chemistry, biology and food, I started to explore more and share my understandings with more people. My aim is to help more people to have a healthier diet, to share the principles of some interesting facts and phenomena that we’ve met during cooking, as well as to give a general idea of the culture of Chinese cooking. This website, therefore, is one of the few things that I’d like to bring to the society. I am glad here to give a more holistic understanding of food, and I really wish that you can enjoy the contents! If you have any concerns, advices or just simply want to discuss with me about the science of food, I will be very pleased to hear your voices!

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