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Water occupies about 60% of mass in an adult body, and I’d say it’s probably the most crucial substance similar to oxygen. But do you know why water is such an important substance? Here list some of the key functions of water. 

Regulates body temperature: Water has a fairly high specific heat capacity, meaning that it will take lots of energy to change the temperature of water. Without water, just imagine having a body temperature of 20℃ at night and 40℃ at days. Our cells need a relative stable temperature to function properly, and water helps a lot there. 

Moistens tissues in the eyes, nose and mouth: eyes, nose and mouth are all made up of living cells, and they need water to survive. Therefore, water being the primary substance in any kind of mucus, helps to moisturize the body tissues.

Protects body organs and tissues: imagine dropping a iron ball in air and in water from the same height, which one will reach the bottom faster? The answer is why water can protect body organs and tissues: it acts like a cushion to reduce damages from shock. The amniotic fluid in pregnant women’s stomachs is a good example. 

Carries nutrients and oxygen to cells: many minerals and nutrients are water soluble, thus water is an essential transporter of these substances throughout our body. It moves away wastes as well, commonly in the form of urine and sweat. 

Lubricates joints: very cheap lubricant! The specific fluid inside our joints is called synovial fluid.
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